Tim Thelen is a multi-instrumentalist with over 25 years writing, performing and producing music. His primary genres include R&B, Funk, Alternative Rock and Ambient. A veteran of live shows (L.A. 1990’s) and studio work (2000-present), his early trip hop tracks were featured on KCRW’s Blueprint w/host Kevin Lincoln (circa 2001).

After scoring short films and documentaries for the last 7 years, Tim has had a renewed desire to create stand-alone popular music.  Soundtracks occasionally made things easier: matching musical emotions necessary for a narrative, but Tim wanted to explore the boundaries of R&B and alternative rock.

The new material is melodic but guitar driven.  Tim often came up with riffs, later to discard them in favor of songs built around the background and secondary grooves.  Some of the tracks punch up an ambient/rock environment with a Rickenbacker-driven guitar interweave reminiscent of Radiohead’s early days.

Trying to be the proverbial sponge, he has soaked up styles and musical attitudes of the last 50 years of rock, pop and electronic.  His earliest recorded music was inspired by the techno (and related) breakthroughs of the 90’s such as FSOL, Photek, Massive Attack and Underworld.  Gradually, these inspiring but somehow intellectual musical forms gave way to more physical and often simpler melodies.  From the delay drenched rave up of ‘Joyride’ to the – squelchy funk of ‘Call Me A Junkie’ Tim’s new material is diverse and inspiring.